Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picnics and Games

First up on the list of things to post about, Picnics and Games. 

Friday afternoon we arrived at Callaway and headed straight for the Grand Lawn.  There we saw many old friends, made new ones and enjoyed several games beginning with a sing-off.  Everyone was divided by last name and formed into 3 brigades.  Dad was made commander of the 1st brigade, with Mr Scott Brown serving as lieutenant.  The 3rd brigade sang Amazing Grace, with the father and daughters singing alternate parts.  Then the 2nd brigade sang the Star Spangled Banner while forming a star, quite impressive.  But when faced with competition there is no one who rises to the occasion better than Dad.  So in perfect marching order the 1st brigade sang I'm in the Lord's Army, hand gestures and all!  After a rousing rendition we immediately followed with God Bless America, and the 1st brigade was victorious!!!  Other games included obstacle courses, croquet and three legged races.

                           A new take on a three-legged race, the five-legged race

                                                         Virginia or Pocahontas?

                                                                  "Come on Virginia!"

                                                               "We're almost there"

                                                             "Are we there yet?"

 Mr Keen and Dad, two southern gentlemen

After the games we all enjoyed a picnic on the lovely lawn.  We got to sit with our good friends the Harbins, and enjoyed delicious food and wonderful fellowship.

Next it was on to the ice cream!  While everyone enjoyed the sweets Jubilee and I served as human blockades to the ballrooms until the setting up was finished.  This was actually a great time to catch up and trade stories on our favorite topics, war stories and old movies.

We heard from Mr Phillips on the 6 points to take away from this weekend.  Then Mr Botkin spoke to the fathers on "How to involve your Daughter in your life".

We should have headed back to our rooms, but we stayed late to visit, after all we only get to see these folks a few times a year.  So at around 1:30 we called it a night, or would that be calling it a morning?

Up next-Messages and Mentoring

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