Thursday, August 25, 2011

New use for Mason Jars: Crayons

Well we have been eating our Peach and Strawberry Jam at a very fast rate. And now we have more than a dozen empty jars. So I started thinking, what could we do with all of those jars? So I have been enjoying coming up with
"New Uses for Mason Jars".

First up: Crayons

We have three young artists in the house and LOTS of art supplies. So we decided to combine all of the half full crayon boxes into one place.
This little system, made up of 2 8oz. jars and a 4oz. jar works great! They all fit nicely in this basket (available here) and make art time much easier. Each of the girls has their own jar and they can see all of the colors instead of emptying the boxes on the table. 
An 8oz. jar fits regular crayons
While a 4oz. holds thicker crayons for little ones


  1. I love this idea. It looks nice, orderly and colorful! I might even add a little ribbon around the rim. Thanks for sharing this.



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