Saturday, January 21, 2012

Le Creuset Winner!

Sorry to keep y'all waiting all day.  We had plenty of excitement to keep us busy.  The tornado siren went off four times today, sending us to the basement each time.  As for the man that designed this house, all I can say is "bless his heart".  Who in their right mind would build a house with an outside entrance basement in Georgia.  And the flash flood warning did take effect, in our basement.  Thankfully my inner pioneer woman came out and we stopped the flow with a woven rug, flannel nightgown and Tupperware pitcher.  Brant has since dubbed me "MacGyver-ette".

But now for the winner.  A great big congratulations to.....Lauren K!
Lauren, please e-mail your shipping address to and I will send your prize to your door.

Thank you to everyone that entered.  I enjoyed reading the goals you have set for yourselves, and I hope that you accomplish each one of them!

Have a blessed Lord's day,

The Southern Homemaker

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