Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The important things

Taking time for the important things is not always easy, but is something I have been trying to do with my sisters lately.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.

A few days ago Mom and Dad went out for an early dinner.  The girls where playing, and the baby was asleep on my bed.  Ah the perfect time to finish that book.  Then (knock, knock) a precious little one tip-toes into my room, "Can we please do painting, oh please sweet sister".  My mind started racing, "painting makes a mess, and the baby is so peaceful, I really want to finish this book, they can always paint another time".  I looked up from my book and told her that they would have to wait till another time.  She went away quietly, with a slightly dejected face.  And I felt like a heel.  After about 30 seconds of reflection I realized I had made the wrong decision.  So I put down my book, went out to the family room and helped them set up the painting supplies. 
It is times like this I remind myself these days are precious, and go by quickly.

I can read that book later. 

I can write that blog post after they go to bed. 

I can wait to watch that movie. 

I can't wait to invest in my family. 

I can't wait to make memories.


  1. Good post Miss Kate :-).

  2. You are obviously a very mature young lady who has her priorities straight. Excellent post!


  3. Amen!


  4. Great post, I bet they were happy, even as a parent of teens, I have to re-check my priorities at times- great reminder :)

  5. Great reminder! As I was reading this post, my 3-year old came and asked to sit in my lap. What a great reminder to get off my computer and spend some time with my son.


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