Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Explaination

I want to thank y'all for sticking by me, and putting up with my lack of blogging.  I know I have said this before, but y'all our the best readers a blogger could ever ask for!

Now for the explanation:

Our family has been completely immersed in a political campaign for the past two months.

As I mentioned before in this post, our family has always been politically active.  But this campaign was truly special, for many reasons. First, we had a very special candidate.  Second, we worked with amazing people.  Third, we WON!!!

Back in October Dad received a phone call, or I should say the call.  He was told that our State Senate seat was going to open up, and did he know a solid conservative that would run to fill it.  In half an hour he had the man and we were gearing up for a truly memorable campaign. 

With 9 candidates it was a very crowded race, but Mike Crane stood out as the choice for Christian conservatives.  Mr. Crane is a small businessman, homeschool father and one of the finest men I know.  It was an honor to campaign for him.

We were the underdog in this race.  On November 8th we received 20% and then turned that into 60% by December 6th.  How did we do it? By the grace of God!

If there was one thing that was evident in this campaign it was that "God rules in the affairs of men".  The Lord brought the right team together, provided for all of the campaigns needs and amazed us at every turn. 

As for the team, they were fantastic!  Because of who Mr. Crane is, the people that were drawn to him and his campaign were very like minded.  On the first morning of our door-to-door team Mr. Crane asked who was homeschooled, every hand went up.  My kind of crowd!

One side effect of this is that I have slipped into what we call "campaign mode". 
These are the signs of "campaign mode":
4 hours of sleep a night tops!
Non-stop Blackberry use
Fast food meals
Campaign paraphernalia everywhere
Exhaustion and exhilaration at the same time

I will write more about the campaign later, but let's just say memories and friendships were made that will last a lifetime.

So what's next?  Well I am going to try to get out of "campaign mode" and in the Christmas spirit. That of course means, shopping, decorating and baking.  Catch up on past posts, and update this blog with new content.  And SLEEP!!! 


  1. Dear Kate,

    I'm so glad you are back! I've missed your
    blogging, but totally understand why you've
    been absent for awhile. I so enjoyed working
    along side of you and Brant,as well as some of the other special people involved. You two did a wonderful job leading the way! I was but a tiny part of the campaign, but I could see and experience what you expressed above.

    I too give God the Glory, and thank Him for the
    precious victory. Your generation is beginning
    to see the fruit of what began in 1988 with your
    parent's and their generation + other family and friends.

    I am excited and will be praying for our new Senator in the State House.

    Thank you for your family and their example of
    involvement, and for realizing how important it is to be involved and stay involved.
    As Christians we have the responsibilty to influence and help shape the culture, not only for,"such a time as this," but for the following
    generations to come.

    Blessings to You, Honey, and your precious family,thanking each of you for your sacrifice.

    Proverbs 13:19a,"A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul."


  2. Congratulations on a very successful campaign. Our friend Nathaniel helped with it too and told us recently he is now going to work for the senator. You all did a terrific job. We were so glad to hear Senator Crane won!


  3. Hi Victoria,

    What a small world! Nathaniel and I worked on the same team, and he and my brother will be working at the Capital together.

    Thank you for all your kind comments and for being such a faithful reader. I hope we can meet in person some day!


  4. I believe we are invited to the same party next weekend. Don't know if you're going or not, but maybe we'll meet there.



Look forward to hearing from y'all, just remember your southern manners.

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