Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Its in the Bag

Or should I say the Boat & Tote!  Here I have a few pictures of ways we currently use our Boat & Totes, plus a list of ways we have used them in the past.

-Picnic bag
-Children's books
-Family gift
-Car tote
-Library books
-Mobile bill paying station
-Helmets (when we were younger)
-Bedside tote with books, flashlight etc.
-Mail bag. If it comes in, it goes in the bag
-Child paraphernalia, you know what I mean!

Now for the pictures...
We use three medium totes as school bags for the girls
And like everything in our house, they are color coded.
They are just the right size for their books and pencil boxes
We use extra large totes as laundry hampers. 
Color coded too! Each kid has one and then brings to the laundry room.
This large tote is a mainstay in the car.
It coordinates with the cooler perfectly.
The is what we call our "Travel Tote". 
A friend of Mom put the names of the places we have traveled to on it.
And this is my pink collection.
I use my medium for magazines. Southern Lady, Southern Living, Real Simple, Tea Time, Paula Deen, and believe it or not,  The Hockey News.
The small always holds my cross-stitch projects.

we use Boat & Totes for just about everything, even our bathroom tissue!
The medium holds 9 Charmin Family Rolls, in case you were wondering.

One last reason to love these bags...


  1. Items that are made in the America are always better!

  2. Great ideas, Katie! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Those are GREAT ideas.:)

  4. I have never thought of using the totes for extra toilet paper in bathroom. Love it!!


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