Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I love about you

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I had so many wonderful plans for this week.  Lots of baking, sugar cookie hearts, cakes, you name it.  Then the oven decided to go on strike!  So for now I will have to commemorate Valentine's Day by writing about the people I love, instead of baking for them.

Dad, I love...
the way you provide for our family
your sense of humor
your commitment to the Lord's Word
your encouraging spirit
beating you at Monopoly

Mom I love...
your incomparable devotion to our family
all the inside jokes we share
your giving heart
your loyalty
our "big girl" nights

Brant, I love...
watching you become a man
your thoughtful gestures
the way you interact with children
your patience
plotting world domination together

Caroline, I love...
your quick wit
being your big sister
seeing you read your Bible
your constant energy
having you as a roommate

Lizzie, I love...
your sweet spirit
watching you be a "Mommy"
when you lip snyc
your dimples
tickling you

Abbey, I love...
your bubbling joy
the way you welcome me home
your vocabulary
the twinkle in your eye
your kisses

My Family, I love...
singing the Doxology at dinner
"Marathon Monopoly"
movie nights
cutting up together
changing the world together

I hope you have a very special day with your Valentine, if you have one or six.

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